Horse Racing Fixture Profiler
Getting the edge in racing

Most fans of horse racing are students of form. They pore over long lists of runners looking for the one horse that shows a glimpse of something special in his past. Race after race they do this for every single horse in the race. The problem with this approach is that not only does it take such a long time, it is often flawed. After all it doesn't matter how well a horse has run in the past if he's having a bad day, if he doesn't get the right ride by his jockey or if he's meeting another horse for the first time who is improving or is just simply quicker.

That's why the Horse Racing Fixture Profiler takes a different approach to the rest of the crowd. Here we believe that it is far more important to study the actual race itself than it is to study the horses running in the race. We believe that in a horse race there are many factors usually ignored by punters such as the horse racing fixture - the combination of the race course and the time of year the race is being run. We believe a significant factor is the actual type of race being run. That's why we start our study with the horse racing fixture and the race itself, profiling these first to build you a picture of the horses you should be looking for.

Do we always point to the winner? No but what this form of study can do for you is shorten the field to a much smaller group of horses to study. But even having said that we find that the Horse Racing Fixture Profiler does have a high success rate of pointing to winners and as you read our profiles through the racing year, our goal is to give you a 35-50% strike rate of winning selections. We've achieved such a track record in the past (see our Past Performance Statistics) and we will keep striving to maintain or improve that performance level as you return to these pages in the future.